Webhooks workflow

When the webhook is activated on a Step, it changes the platform behaviour.

As the Step is reached, the webhook will be called and given full Step context:

  • list of actions
  • session
  • interlocutor

The webhook can use the data received (save items in db, write in a spreadsheet, ...), and change the objects received.

When the webhook is finished doing its work, it must send back the list of actions to execute.


If you are using the iadvize channel and have activated their "logged in" (Authenticated-Messaging) mode the externalID field will be filled and passed to your webhook.

This field allows in the support environment where the user is connected to add an id on the interlocutor directly at the initialization of the Iadvize webchat and transmit it to the webhook to be able to respond in a very personalized way by retrieving customer information in the database such as: delivery status, address etc.

Doc can be found here : Iadvize doc (Authenticated-Messaging)