Configure your webservice

Webhook URL & authentification

In order to configure your webhook you have to go to your bot's settings page, in the webhook tab.


The only mandatory parameter is Webhook URL.
This is were you put the endpoint URL of your webhook.
It is the URL that will be called each time the platform will need to communicate with your webhook.
For example if you set as the webhook URL, then our platform will send POST requests to the URL.

Optionally but recommended you can set Auth username and Auth password in order to authenticate the HTTP requests through HTTP Basic authentication.

Finally to increase the security you can provide a private key in order to get a signature for each request that is sent to your webhook.
Please refer to the security section for more information.

Webhook activation

The webhook is activated at the step level. It means you will have to activate the webhook on every step which needs to communicate with the webhook.

The activation is done via the toggle button on the top right of the step panel.