Flow Connection

A connection is an object composed of a target, and some predicates.
It's used by jump to actions to define the different links.

The target is the destination of the connection: if all the predicates of the connection are validated, the conversation will continue through this target.
A target can be a step or an actions_block.

typestringalways flow_connection
targetobjecttarget of the connection
predicatesarraya list of predicate objects
    "type": "flow_connection",
    "target": {
        "id": "a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1",
        "type": "step",
        "name": "First step"
    "predicates": [
            "type": "connection_predicate",
            "condition": {
                "pattern": "^\d+$",
                "type": "match_regexp"
            "valueGetter": {
                "key": "quantity",
                "type": "session_value"


A predicate is the component that check if the connection can be triggered.

It is composed of :

A predicate matches when the value fetched by the value getter passes the condition.

typestringalways connection_predicate
conditionobjecta condition object
valueGetterobjecta value getter object