Return Data Format

Webhook Return Data Format

When the Webhook is done doing its work, it must return the list of actions to execute for the current step.
The minimal JSON Object to be returned should be a list of Actions associated to an Interlocutor, under the form:

  "actions": []

You can also add a Sessions object, to force some Session Values and an Interlocutor Object:

  "actions": [],
  "interlocutor": {},
  "session": {}

A more real life looking object should look like this:

	"actions": [{
		"type": "send_text_action",
		"alternatives": ["Hello", "Hi"]
	"interlocutor": {
		"type": "interlocutor",
		"id": "5b29016e24acbe58c292bbad",
		"userID": "123456"
    "externalID": null
		"firstName": "John",
		"lastName": "Doe",
		"email": "[email protected]",
		"customAttributes": {
			"age": "29"
	"sessions": {
		"values": {
			"foo": "bar",
			"name": "john"