Get Interlocutor Actions

Get history of the "verbose" interlocutor conversation as a list of actions

Get the actions of a conversation between an interlocutor and the bot (or support agents).
Only actions which are visible in the conversation will be returned by this endpoint; all silent actions will be absent.
The actions are returned in chronological order in the response (first is older, last is newer), but the pagination is inverted : page 1 returns the newest actions, page 2 older ones , ...)

The aim of this endpoint is to retrieve an interlocutor Conversation History in some situations where its is only meant to be displayed to a human.
This is the reason only displayed actions are retrieved, and the API is authenticated by the interlocutor token, instead of the bot public token.


Authenticated API

This endpoint can be used with your private API key, available in the API tab of your bot settings. But it's firstly meant to be used with the interlocutor authentication


data[].typestringtype of the action
data[].xxxdepending of the typefields of the actions
            "type": "go_to_action",
            "target": {
                "id": "5b55c9896efef6010be13a41",
                "type": "story",
                "name": "Menu"
            "sessionValues": null
            "type": "wait_action",
            "duration": 1.1
            "type": "send_text_action",
            "alternatives": [
                "Let's go !"
            "text": "Let's go !"
            "type": "wait_action",
            "duration": 1
            "type": "send_js_event_action",
            "event": "close_div_1"