Send list

Send a list of sections and choices

Available on :

  • Clustaar Webchat
typestringalways send_choices_list_action
messagestringa string (length 1<=count<=500)
placeholderstringa string (length 1<= count<=45)
actionobjecta goto action ( with step or story target)
sectionsarraya list of section objects (1<=count<=100)
section.typestringalways section
section.titlestringcard title (length<=80)
section.choicesarraya list of choices (1<=count<=100 )
section.choice.typestringalways choice
section.choice.titlestringthe choice title (1<=count<=500)
section.choice.imageUrlstringan image url (count<=500)
section.choice.sessionValuesdictextra session values (dict[str: str])
	"type": "send_choices_list_action",
  "message": "Faites votre choix",
  "placeholder": "Le meilleur des sections !",
  "sections": [
    	"type": "section",
      "title": "A",
      "choices": [
          "type": "choice",
          "imageUrl": "",
          "title": "A.1",
        	"sessionValues": {
            "product": "A.1"
   "action": {
    	"type": "go_to_action",
      "target": {
        "type": "step",
        "name": "a step",
        "id": "a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1"
      "sessionValues": None,