Get an interlocutor


Private API key needed

This endpoint can only be used with your private API key, accessible in the API tab of your bot settings.

View an interlocutor's informations.


dataobjectthe interlocutor object
data.idstringinterlocutor ID
data.botIDstringthe bot ID
data.typestringalways interlocutor
data.userIDstringyour ID for this interlocutor
data.firstNamestringinterlocutor first name
data.lastNamestringinterlocutor last name
data.emailstringinterlocutor email
data.phoneNumberstringinterlocutor phone number
data.createdAtstringinterlocutor creation date
data.lastReplyAtstringinterlocutor last reply date
data.customAttributesobjectcustom attributes set on this interlocutor
   "data": {
        "type": "interlocutor",
        "id": "5d2af1df10cf4e000b67b97d",
        "userID": "clustaar-5fenfnew",
        "location": null,
        "firstName": null,
        "lastName": null,
        "createdAt": "2019-07-14T09:11:59+0000",
        "lastReplyAt": "2020-02-07T15:57:43+0000",
        "email": null,
        "phoneNumber": null,
        "customAttributes": {},
        "botID": "5c418eb73bb708000bc80386"