Jump To

Force the jump to another step during current step execution.

Force the Jump from current step to another step without waiting for a response from the user.
A Jump To can leads to a step inside current story, or the first step of another story.

To fully understand how this action works you should read this page.

Available on :

  • all platforms
typestringalways jump_to_action
connectionsarraya list of connection objects
defaultTargetobjectdefault target when none of the connections matched (can be null)
    "type": "jump_to_action",
    "connections": [
            "type": "flow_connection",
            "target": {
                "id": "5b292a5f24acbe20be174a1f",
                "type": "step",
                "name": "Second step"
            "predicates": [
                    "type": "connection_predicate",
                    "condition": {
                        "type": "is_not_set"
                    "valueGetter": {
                        "type": "message"
    "defaultTarget": {
        "id": "5b292a5f24acbe20be174a21",
        "type": "step",
        "name": "First step"