Stories satisfaction statistics

Get stories satisfaction stats for a given period. The satisfaction are collected thanks to User Feedback step. There can be one User Feedback step per story. This endpoint allow to get the satisfaction per story.


data[].typestringalways "story_satisfaction"
data[].storyNamestringthe story name
data[].storyIDstringthe story ID
data[].positiveRatingsCountintthe number of positive ratings
data[].negativeRatingsCountintthe numbers of negative ratings
data[].ratingsCountinttotal number of ratings received
data[].satisfactionStepExecutionsCountintnumber of times satisfaction was asked
data[].positiveRatingsPercentfloatpercentage of positive ratings
data[].negativeRatingsPercentfloatpercentage of negative ratings
data[].satisfactionCompletionPercentfloatpercentage of person that completed the satisfaction
    "data": [
            "type": "story_satisfaction",
            "storyName": "story 27",
            "storyID": "a27a27a27a27a27a27a27a27",
            "positiveRatingsCount": 55,
            "negativeRatingsCount": 24,
            "ratingsCount": 79,
            "satisfactionStepExecutionsCount": 95,
            "positiveRatingsPercent": 0.6962025316,
            "negativeRatingsPercent": 0.3037974684,
            "satisfactionCompletionPercent": 0.8315789474